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Laurie M. Belanger LCSWR is an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant & TBRI® PractitionerShe provides individual and group Consultation, both in person and on-line. If you are interested in connecting with her for EMDR Consultation please e-mail her office at: Lbelanger@willowintegrative.com or call the office at 716/276-9520.

The Summer Series I have run in the past can be made available live on-line for a limited size group or individually. This is meant to assist the therapists who have expressed interest in the series, but live too far away to attend. Please email the office @ Lbelanger@willowintegrative.com if this is you! Spaces are limited. Dates will be developed by the small group of therapists who register.

Summer Series EMDR Child & Adolescent Group Consultations (previously run at the Monaco Training Center in Amherst NY!)

2hr meetings: 1hr instruction on special topic & 1hr of consultation towards your EMDR certification if you bring a case to share

$25 each session. Discount if you register for all 3; only $60! Prepay only

Using Sensory Tools in EMDR with Children: 

Learn how to incorporate more sensory into your work with kids. Learn how to install a sensory based calm space, get better processing using more sensory awareness/understanding, develop sensory tools & resources for stabilization that can be used both inside and out-side of sessions. Got questions about sensory issues in a case? Join us and we will help you see your case through a sensory informed lens!

Trauma Informed Genogram: An Essential Tool

Did you learn how to create a genogram in graduate school? Do you still use it? Come learn why the updated Trauma Informed Genogram is essential for your work with children. Find out how this tool can be used, not only for case formulation, but also for psycho-education, resource building, and improved target selection in EMDR! You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Cartooning in EMDR with Children:

Don’t think of yourself as an artist? Me either! You do not need to have great artistic talent to use cartooning in EMDR. The kids do most of the work! Children often do best when we can make things visual, concrete, and create the safety of some distance through story. Come learn how to break down complex EMDR concepts and make them approachable (and fun) for all ages.

We will cover Paulson’s Resetting of Emotional Circuits (in graphic novel style), creating Jedi/Superhero/Wizard training manuals for supportive resources, and developing attachment stories with families using cartoon animal families first.

To Register: E-mail Laurie M. Belanger LCSWR at LBelanger@willowintegrative.com or call the office @ 716/276-9520.

Payment due at time of registration. Please make checks out to:   

Laurie Belanger 9880 Transit Rd. Suite A, East Amherst NY 14051

Or visit the Payment Page to pay by PayPal.

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