FrontspringWelcome! Greetings and salutations! 

My name is Laurie M. Belanger LCSWR. I’m your friendly neighborhood trauma therapist, EMDR Consultant, and Trauma Educator. I am also the Owner/Founder of Willow Integrative Services LLC, an awesome space for likeminded private practices . In the future you will find here:

Explanations about what trauma really means and how it effects human development across the lifespan.

What I like about EMDR as a therapy modality for treating trauma and other specific concerns.

Information about TBRI® and why should you know about it if you are working with, raising, or have been yourself, a child “from hard places”?

How to reach me for Speaking Engagements or Consultations (in-person or on-line) and an on-line payment option (finally!)

Explanations of complimenting services, in addition to psychotherapy, that can also make a big difference in healing trauma.

Links to my favorite resources.

Thank you for patience as I put this all together for you! 

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