Thank you for taking care of the financial end of our relationship! 

The following is a list of services I accept payment for on this site.

            Group EMDR Consultation 

(must bring case to share for certification credit hr to apply)

            Small Group On-Line EMDR Consultation 

(must share a case for certification credit hr to apply)

            Individual EMDR Consultation

(if working towards certification and scheduling more than 1hr, a contract will be required. Package rates available)

            Individual Therapy Consultation for Complex Cases and/or Integration of The SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol) (non EMDR)

            Large Group Presentations and trainings: By Contract Agreement

            TBRI® Caregiver Training (Classes Program)  TBA

            TBRI® Caregiver Training (Small Group On-line Course) TBA

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*Please Note*- Payments are accepted here for educational and training offerings only!

Consultation and Training Services

Please increase the number until you reach the appropriate sum for the service.


Clinical services (direct individual or family psychotherapy) can NOT be paid on this website. Please contact Laurie’s office at 716/276-9520 fax 716/242-6878 regarding clinical billing.

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